Follow These Tips to Make Housekeeping Easier!

When you lead a busy life, it’s easy to allow chores to go by the wayside.  Unfortunately, that means they pile up until you have what seems like an insurmountable amount of housekeeping to do…and who wants to spend free time doing that?!

The key is to keep your house clean as you go and here are some daily habits that will help you achieve that:

  • Don’t Wear Shoes in the House

Wearing your outdoor shoes indoors is the number one contributor of dirt from outside getting spread through your house. Just think about some of the public places that you have been to and how dirty their floors may be! You don’t want to bring all that dirt and grime inside with you. Keep your floors and carpets clean by having a shoe rack right inside the doorway where you can place your shoes. Or simply take them off and carry them to the closet. This small step will go a long way toward keeping your home cleaner.

  • Multi-task

When you walk into your kitchen, you don’t want to be greeted by a sink full of dirty dishes. There is no reason for dishes to pile up if you simply clean as you go. A great time to clean up the kitchen is while you are cooking. You have to be in the kitchen anyway, so you might as well get some things done. Wash pots and pans as you finish using them, clean out the dishwasher, and wipe down counters all while dinner is cooking.  When you are done with the meal, all the cookware will already be drying, and you can put your dinnerware right into the freshly cleaned out dishwasher. Viola! No dirty dishes in the sink!

  • Pre-Sort Your Laundry

You will save yourself so much time if you presort your laundry daily rather than waiting until you’re ready to put a load in the wash. Have designated baskets for colors, whites, and delicates. Then when you need to wash clothes, they are ready for you to just pick-up and put in the washer, no sorting necessary!

  • Enjoy Some Entertainment While Folding Laundry

Is there a movie you’ve been wanting to see on television? Or a series you’ve been wanting to binge watch?  Well, you will have some time to do just that while folding your laundry. Use commercial breaks to get up and put folded clothes away. You will get a lot done without missing out on your favorite shows.

  • Practice Drain Maintenance

When you keep your drains flowing by using traps, you will prevent clogs. But you must clean the traps regularly, after each bath or shower. This will keep your tub or shower cleaner because when water drains well, you don’t end up with as much soap scum to scrub off. For your kitchen drain, run cold water through your disposal frequently and occasionally put a lemon or orange slice in there to keep it smelling fresh and clean.

  • Don’t Let Mail Pile Up

If you don’t have a designated spot for your mail, create one. Make sure that all mail is placed in the same spot so that things don’t go missing. Open your mail daily and discard any junk mail or extraneous envelopes.  Once you’ve determined what needs to be kept, file it appropriately.

  • Eliminate Trash Regularly

You may not have to do this task daily, but at least once a week walk around the house with a trash bag and dump the trash from each room (bedrooms, bathrooms, office) into the larger bag to be taken out.

  • Keep Your Sinks Dry

Moisture is the best buddy to mold and bacteria. Keep it away by drying your sinks after use. When you are drying your sink, you will also be cleaning up any stray food in the kitchen or hairs in the bathroom, so that the area around your sink stays clean as well. Keep a hand towel nearby specifically for this purpose and switch it out regularly.

  • Maintain a List of Cleaning Supplies

Don’t allow yourself to run out of anything. Make sure to keep a list of supplies that you use on your phone. When you are starting to run low on something you can highlight it on your list, and you will know that you need to buy more on the next trip to the store.

  • Make Deals with Yourself

Cleaning isn’t fun, and it’s not something most people look forward to doing. One good way to motivate yourself is to think of something fun you want to do for yourself and make that your reward for getting your chores done. For example, tell yourself that after you mop the kitchen floor, you get to veg out on the couch and watch your favorite television show with a bowl of ice cream. 

Developing daily habits to keep your home neat and clean will help prevent you from having to spend hours doing major cleaning jobs that are overwhelming and exhausting. 

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