Feeling at Home in Your New House

Congratulations!  You’ve just moved into your new house and now it is time to make it your own!  Here are some tips for how to make your house your home:

  • Be active.  If you have moved to a new area where you don’t know anyone, you may be tempted to isolate yourself.  After all, you have unpacking to do and maybe a new job to start. But try to resist that temptation.  Staying socially, physically, and communally active triggers significant cognitive processes that create the sense of home.  Make sure you take time to exercise; join a community such as a church, the school PTA or a book club and shop locally to get to know your surroundings. The Psychology Behind Instilling a Sense of “Home”
  • Surround yourself with living things.  A move can be difficult, especially if you are grieving the place you left.  It’s not uncommon for people to become depressed after moving to a new home.  Combat those feelings by cultivating relationships with living things. Start a garden, spend time with your children and pets or volunteer in the community.
  • Comfort yourself with colors.  Decorate with a palette of colors that makes you feel at home. Choose colors that promote calm, happy feelings.  For example, earth tones create a welcoming, comfortable atmosphere that evokes feelings stability, reassurance and ease, while light pastel colors stimulate feelings of peacefulness, calm and cleanliness. 9 Peaceful Paint Colors that Help You Relax
  • Surround yourself with the familiar. Even before you are completely settled into your home, placing familiar items such as family pictures and heirlooms in your new space can make it feel more like you. Some other ways to make you feel at home: cook favorite meals, burn candles with favorite scents, play your favorite music.
  • Unpack.  This may seem obvious, but it’s not unusual for people to still have boxes cluttering the house months after moving in.  Take your belongings out of the boxes right away and begin decorating and arranging furniture. The sooner you do this, the sooner this once strange place will feel like home!

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