Homebuyer “To Do List”

Congratulations!  You found the right home, procured a mortgage loan, had your offer accepted and you are finally ready to close on your property. You are about to become a HOMEOWNER! But wait…you may think that your home buying journey is over…but not quite. There are still some things you should do before and after your home closing to set yourself up as a successful homeowner.

Here are some steps to consider prior to moving into your new home:


Unless you have purchased a “move-in ready” home, chances are there are a few projects to do on your new (to you) house. DO NOT wait until you have closed on the house to seek out professional guidance for the work you want to have done. Whether you make a private appointment to take contractors through the house or bring them to your final walk-through, go ahead and start collecting bids for necessary work. If some of the work is going to be messy (think floor sanding, painting etc.), try to arrange to have it done before you move in. Realtors work with a lot of tradespeople and can be a wonderful resource for referrals.


Trust me…you will NOT regret this!  The last thing you want is to arrive at your new home with movers and all of your belongings only to discover the place is not clean. Even if the previous owners “cleaned” before they left, it might not be that “brand new clean” that everyone deserves to have when they move into a new place. So, do yourself a favor and hire a professional cleaning crew as soon as you have closed on the property. You will be happy you did!


Don’t make the mistake of thinking your utilities will just automatically be on and working when you walk into your new home. Many utility companies do have grace periods between when the seller cancels service and the new owner starts it, but don’t count on that. The best thing to do is to contact the utility companies and get service set up well before your closing date.


It’s best to assume that a lot of people will have keys to your new home.  From the Realtors to their assistants, stagers, painters etc. there may be a long list of people who have access to your house. Thus, the first person to call after your closing is a locksmith.


Depending on your budget, it may be very worth your while to have professionals come in to help you get set up in your new home!

As your closing date approaches, you may be feeling stressed and tired. That is normal! There is a lot going on from packing to organizing to budgeting.  But taking a little extra time to plan ahead will alleviate some of the stress involved and make your move a lot more pleasant!

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