Finding the Right Home for Multi-Generational Living

With home prices soaring, rent prices rising, and everything in general being more expensive right now, many are finding that sharing a home with grandparents, parents and children is a new “normal” for American families.   Per Pew Research, the number of Americans who live in mutigenerational family households is about four times larger than it was in the 1970s. More people sharing a space may not seem ideal, but it does have its perks; from saving money to being present to care for family members when needed. Millions of Americans Have Discovered the Benefits of Multigenerational Households

Multigenerational living means enough space in homes is needed to provide comfort and privacy for all family members. If you are in search of a home for this purpose, here are some things to look for:

  • Accessibility

Even if the elders in the family are getting around easily now, it is important to think ahead to when it might not be so easy for them.  Open floor plans are ideal for creating spaces that are easily accessible should someone be in a wheelchair at some point. In addition, look for a home that has at least one main floor bedroom and full bath so that going up and down stairs won’t be a problem in the future.

  • Main Floor Bedrooms

As stated above, it is ideal to have at least one main floor bedroom. But if you can find a home with more than one main floor bedroom, all the better. Having some bedrooms upstairs and some downstairs provides a separation and privacy between generations.

  • Rooms That Can Serve Dual Purposes

Keep in mind that it is easy to convert a bedroom into another type of space, but not always possible to convert another space into bedroom.  Bedrooms need windows and a closet. So, when looking for a house, look for one with as many bedrooms as possible so that they can be used for different purposes like a den, playroom or office.

  • Private Living Space for Everyone

Look for a home large enough and with enough rooms to provide a private living space for each generation. For example, an office could become a den for grandparents, family room for the middle generation and maybe a playroom upstairs for the youngsters.

  • Private Entrances

Look for homes that are already set up for multigenerational families.  They may have an in-law suite, an apartment over the garage and private entrances for different parts of the home. If you cannot find one already built, consider a renovation on an existing home to add these features.

Whether you find the perfect property, renovate a home, or build one from scratch, remember to consider the needs, privacy, and accessibility of all your family members and you will have a home filled with love!

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