Unique Flooring Options for Your Home

Are you ready to replace old flooring in your house, but you just don’t know what to replace it with? The type of flooring you choose can have a dramatic effect on the aesthetic of your space, so don’t limit yourself to the obvious choices of carpet or vinyl. Here are some unique flooring options that can take a room from ho-hum to Wow!

Soft Rubber

Rubber flooring may not sound too enticing but hear me out. It is super soft and absorbs sound meaning it is comfortable and quiet. The cushioned feel of it is ideal for bathrooms, kitchens, home-gyms, or playrooms…basically any room where slipping might be a risk. You can find it in various bright solids and speckled hues, which make for fun decorating schemes. It’s fairly easy to install it and it stays in place without toxic adhesives.

Check out some of these rooms with rubber flooring: 10 Rooms With Rubber Flooring

Finished Plywood

When you think of polished, shining wood floors, the word “plywood” probably does not come to mind. It’s inexpensive, simple and practical…and doesn’t exactly cry “luxurious”. But don’t underestimate the power of plywood! While generally thought of as just a subfloor product, it can also be used as finished flooring. Using plywood as your main layer of flooring is budget-friendly and offers a blank slate for the right paint or stain. And once you’re done, you might be surprised by how it compares to hardwood. Another perk? Once it is fully sealed with polyurethane, you can clean it easily with a damp mop.

Natural Cork

If you desire warmth and softness underfoot, natural cork is a superlative option.  It has a slight sponginess that provides a captivating feel to your feet. It’s also an ideal choice for people who suffer from environmental allergies because it resists mold and mildew. Don’t worry…you will still have a natural, hardwood-like look with natural cork!  However, it shouldn’t be used in spaces that get wet like bathrooms as water can make cork floors swell, warp and deteriorate.

Decorative Concrete

When you think of flooring choices for your home, concrete may not be on your radar. It seems like concrete floors should be relegated to garages or workshops. Think again! Concrete flooring can bring a modern, clean look to your space. And you may already have the material to work with if you have concrete subflooring underneath your finished flooring! Techniques such as polishing, texturing, and acid staining are few ways to bring a decorative, sleek look to concrete floors.

Mosaic Glass

Sounds fancy, huh? Mosaic glass will certainly lend a sophistication to your floors, but it’s also easy to maintain. Use mosaic glass tiling not only in your bathroom, but throughout your home to add elegance to all your spaces. Mosaic glass tiles are made from extra hard reinforced glass and are installed similarly to how you would install a mosaic backsplash. If colors and patterns are your thing, mosaic glass floors are the way to go! Pros and Cons of Mosaic Glass Floors

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