Using Pumpkins for Autumn Decor

Halloween is just around the corner, but with warm temperatures this year it has not exactly felt like pumpkin season. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t decorate with pumpkins! Here are some unique and fun ways to get your craft on and create an autumn aesthetic that will last beyond Halloween:

Speckled Pumpkins – This simple project allows you to create whimsical pumpkins in various colors.  Paint a pumpkin white and then dip another paintbrush into the color of your choice and splatter paint on it to create different sized speckles and blob of color. Want smaller specks? Try dipping a toothbrush in paint and flicking it toward the pumpkin.  This is an easy craft to do with kids too!

Pushpin Pumpkin – This is another way to decorate pumpkins without carving them.  Whether you stick with orange or want to paint your pumpkins various colors, you can add more to them by adding pushpin designs.  Just draw out your design on the pumpkin with a marker and then push the pins in and voila – you have a beautiful, shiny design!

Patterned Glowing Pumpkins – All you need to create pumpkins that glow is a knife, a drill, an erasable wax pencil, and a battery-operated light.  While the common thing to do is to cut the top of the pumpkin off to place the light inside, in this case you can leave the top alone.  Cut a hole in the bottom instead. Once you’ve scooped out the pulp and seeds, draw the pattern of your choice on the pumpkin using the pencil.  Then, using a medium drill bit, punch out a dotted line of your image leaving approximately the same amount of space between each hole.  Turn on your light and set the pumpkin on top of it and your pattern will glow!

Pumpkin Votive – Light up your front porch with candles in your pumpkins.  Purchase small pumpkins and cut out the top and scoop out the pulp and seeds.  Place a votive candle inside.  Use them to line your walkway and porch steps or along your porch railing…or set up a small table with a collection of them.  If you’re not going to be outdoors waiting for trick or treaters, use Flameless Votive Candles to be safe.

Googly Eye Pumpkins – Even toddlers can help with this crafty way to create cute, whimsical pumpkins.  Buy pumpkins, gourds, and googly eyes of various sizes and simply glue the eyes on!  It is as simple as that!  Next thing you know you will have a super funny collection of cute, happy looking pumpkins!

So, if you haven’t bought or decorated pumpkins yet or you haven’t wanted to carve them for fear they would rot too quickly in warm temperatures, don’t despair. These projects will allow you to get crafty and decorate with pumpkins for Halloween and beyond!

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