Adventures of the New River Valley: 2021 Blue Ridge Virtual Eco Fair

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SustainFloyd presents the 2021 Blue Ridge Virtual Eco Fair online on Sunday, April 25, 2021.
Floyd and our surrounding communities in the Blue Ridge Mountains are known for their independence and creativity. As we face huge environmental issues, what can individuals and small communities do? How do we make choices that matter?

Hear stories from the front line: farmers, small business owners, TINY householders, gardeners, alternative energy and transport advocates, local environmental activists and more. Let keynote speaker Zach Bush, MD inspire you to ‘thrive within nature’ as we gather together to explore the topic of a sustainable future.

Main Stage Presentations:
• Falling in Love with Honeybees (Alex Tuchman, Spikenard Honeybee Sanctuary)
• Our Forests, Our Future (Fred First, Author and Educator)
• Feeding Yourself from Your Garden (Barbara Pleasant, Author)
• Solar Fish: Beginning Aquaponics (Jeff & Alison Wroblewski)
• Food Waste: Connecting the Dots (Kerry Ackerson, Plenty!)
• Zero Waste in a Single Use World (Carol Davis, Town of Blacksburg)
• Voices from an Organic Farm (Riverstone Organic Farm)
• Film Maker on the Frontlines/ native perspectives (Katie Teague, Film Maker)
• Using Your Voice to Make a Change (Citizen’s Climate Change Lobby)
• A Passion for Eco-Justice (Delia Heck, Climate Change Reality Project)
• 10 reasons to avoid GMOs (Institute for Responsible Technology, Jeffrey Smith)
• Simple/Tiny living (Panel)
• Making a Difference in Your Workplace (Panel)

General Admission which includes access to all programs and keynotes is $10.00 and students are free with a valid school email address.

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