Creating an Awesome Autumn Landscape

First impressions are crucial to successfully selling your home. The first thing potential buyers notice when they drive past your house is your lawn and landscaping. If you are putting your house on the market this autumn, here are some tips for sprucing up your yard to make a fantastic first impression!

Rake, rake, rake.  Fall foliage is beautiful and can serve to make your property more attractive to buyers, but a lawn covered in leaves looks sloppy. Keep up with raking so people notice the beautiful leaves ON the trees, not the dying leaves on the ground.

Plant Fall flowers.  A fall garden filled with vibrant color is a great way to add beauty to your yard. 12 Spectacular Annual Fall Flowers

Create a lush lawn by aerating so that water and nutrients can reach the roots.

When you do your last mow of the season, make sure to trim grass short.  Shorter grass helps prevent disease. In addition, fall leaves will blow across your lawn if they have nothing to cling to.

Trim ugly limbs. There is nothing pretty about cracked, diseased or dead limbs. 

Get rid of annuals that have lost their luster. Trim tired perennial foliage down to the ground.  This will prepare them for their next season and will tidy up your flower beds for a neater look.

Lay fresh mulch for cooler weather curb appeal.  Choose mulch that is aesthetically pleasing while also providing the benefits that keep your flower beds looking their best. The Ultimate Mulch Guide

With summer winding down and fall just around the corner, it is a good time to start planning for creating beautiful curb appeal that will have potential buyers lining up to see your home!

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