Got Leftover Turkey? Make These Delightful Dishes!

Thanksgiving is just a few days away, and chances are you will be feasting on turkey with family and friends.  And chances are you might have some turkey leftover after your fabulous feast. You might find yourself wondering what to do with it all.  Here are some great ideas for ways to enjoy your terrific turkey for days following Thanksgiving:

The Classic Turkey Sandwich – It doesn’t have to be just turkey and bread…there are lots of ways to dress up those turkey slices to make a scrumptious sandwich.  12 Creative Turkey Sandwich Recipes

Turkey Tostadas – Feeling like a fiesta to continue the holiday season? How about making some turkey tostadas?  Warm up some tortillas and top them with chopped or shredded turkey, lettuce, cheese and pico de gallo. For a finishing touch add a dollop of sour cream. Classic Pico De Gallo Recipe

Turkey Chili with Corn & Black Beans – Continue the fiesta with a warm bowl of turkey chili. Dark meat is especially good shredded and used to create this comforting dish.  Add some kidney beans, tomato, bell pepper, garlic and spices to taste and enjoy with a side of tortilla chips and salsa!

Turkey Hash – Turkey for breakfast!  Dark meat works well for a delectable turkey hash and is delicious served up with a with a fried egg. Sauté some shredded potatoes, a medium onion, diced and a green or red bell pepper, diced in a bit of olive oil until the vegetables are golden brown.  Add a cup of shredded dark meat from your Thanksgiving turkey and season to taste.  Cook until crispy and top with a fried egg and shredded cheese. YUM! Turkey Hash Recipe

Turkey Pot Pie – If comfort food is what you desire, there is nothing better than a leftover Thanksgiving turkey pot pie! From the warm, savory filling to the crispy, flaky pie crust, this recipe is sure to delight everyone in your family! Dad’s Leftover Turkey Pot Pie Recipe

So, don’t let leftover turkey get you down. Just be creative, and you and your family will enjoy all different kinds of mouthwatering meals until the turkey is all gone!  Happy Thanksgiving!

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