Create a Calm and Soothing Oasis in Your Home

Create a Calm and Soothing Oasis in Your Home

Do you daydream about getting away to a peaceful haven, far from the drudgery of day-to-day life?  Sadly, wishes and dreams won’t take you there, but you CAN create a tranquil retreat at home.  Make your home a place where you look forward to spending time at the end of a long, hard day.  Here are some tips for turning your living space into a calm and soothing oasis:

Create a Calm and Soothing Oasis in Your Home

Use Relaxing Colors – Soft colors like watery blues and greens create a sense of serenity in a room.  But they aren’t the only relaxing colors.  If you don’t care for blues, use gentle hues like rose, taupe, peach or mocha. 9 Peaceful Paint Colors to Help You Relax

Store Things Out of Sight – Loud sounds aren’t the only “noise” that can ruin a serene atmosphere.  Visual noise consists of anything you can see that results in you feeling stressed or anxious.  Get rid of the visual noise, and your space will feel calmer.  Utilize closed storage for the majority of your belongings and choose only special items to keep on display.  Remember that chaos on the outside = chaos on the inside.

Use Solids and/or Subtle Patterns – If you are seeking to create a calm aesthetic in a room, stick with solid colors or subtle patterns in muted tones.  There is nothing wrong with a bright, colorful, busy pattern, but you may find it distracting when you are trying relax and rejuvenate.  Keeping it simple will go a long way toward designing the peaceful vibe you are going for.

Use Gentle Lighting – Nothing feels less relaxing than walking into a room filled with bright, harsh lighting.  Natural light is best, so keep window treatments open during the day to let the sunshine in.  But as it gets dark out, instead of turning on a blazing overhead light, trying using string lights, candles, lamps and lanterns for a soft glow. 6 Ways Light Can Affect Your Emotions

Create an Backyard Oasis – Nothing is more relaxing than spending quiet time in the fresh air on a beautiful day.  When the weather cooperates and presents you the gift of a gorgeous day, being able to step right outside your door to enjoy it is a wonderful thing!  When designing your outdoor space, be sure to incorporate privacy, comfy textures, pleasing aromas, and lots of plants.  Add a water feature to enjoy the soothing sounds of water. 15 Unique Garden Water Features

Find a Place to Hide Your Tech – You may not be able to put your tv “away”, but smaller tech items like phones, tablets and laptops simply need to go bye-bye when you are trying to relax.  Find an out of the way drawer or cabinet where these items can be stored so that they won’t be a tempting distraction when you are trying to unwind and de-stress.  Trust me, spending time away from screens might be the best thing you do for yourself!

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