Hacks for Hiding Clutter

Hacks for Hiding Clutter

They say that a cluttered environment leads to a cluttered mind.  Clutter overloads your senses, just like multi-tasking overloads your brain.  And overloaded anything leads to stress and anxiety!  Why Mess Causes Stress: How Clutter Affects Your Brain  With that in mind, here are some easy, cost effective ways to hide the clutter in your home, leading to less mess and less stress!

Hacks for Hiding Clutter

Use toilet paper rolls to store cables and cords. This is a great way to keep your cables and cords organized.  Simply wrap them around your fingers, stuff them into the toilet paper rolls, then place them in a basket, container or drawer. You can even label what each cable/cord is for on the toilet paper roll!

Put shelves in the corners. Corner shelving not only looks nice, but it is a great space saver.  Put those empty corners to use and utilize shelves to hold books, plants, toiletries or anything you may want to display.

Take advantage of the space under your beds.  Invest in some under-the-bed storage and you will be amazed at how much you can “hide” under there!  It’s a great place to store out of season clothing, extra sheets and towels and anything else you want out of sight.

Get shoes out of the way by purchasing a shoe cabinet. If your family removes shoes when entering the house, you can end up with footwear scattered everywhere. A shoe cabinet in the foyer or entryway will provide an attractive piece of furniture that will keep the floor free of shoes.

Choose furniture that will double as storage.  For example, many ottomans open and have space to store things like blankets, pillows, magazines etc.  You can also find end tables that have drawers and shelves, or a chest-style coffee table that has storage inside.

Use a vanity tool holder in your bathroom.  It’s easy to let a bathroom get cluttered; especially if you have a small vanity with little space.  You can get many items off the counter by using a vanity tool holder that hangs on the door under the sink.

Create multi-level storage by using a decorative cake stand in your bathroom.  Depending on the number of levels on the cake stand you can have up to three times the space for your personal hygiene and make up items.

Do you have a tiny shower?  If you have no room in your shower for your shampoo, conditioner and soap, try using a shower curtain with pockets.  This will prevent you from having to place your shower items on a surface outside the shower.

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