5 Signs That You’ve Found the Right Home

When you know, you know.  That’s what they say.  But not everyone has a “say yes to the dress” moment (or in this case a “say yes to the house” moment) when they are shopping.  Some people are more analytical and are not willing to make a big purchase with just a gut feeling.  And let’s face it, buying a house is probably the biggest purchase you’re going to make, so it’s important that you know you have the right one.  So, how do you know?  Well, here are some signs that you have found the right home for you:

  1. When you enter the home, does it feel like you’ve been embraced in a great big hug?  An immediate sense of comfort and safety is a good sign that this might be the right house for you.  You may not know for sure until you have completely explored the house to make sure it checks most of the boxes on your “wants and needs” list, but feeling a good vibe when you first walk in is definitely a good sign!

2. When you’re walking through the home, do you feel insulted if the Realtor points out flaws in it?  This is also a good sign that this might be the home for you.  It shows that you already feel possessive about the home…as if it’s already yours. You are willing to overlook the flaws to see the bigger picture.  Feeling connected to a home when you haven’t even bought it yet is another sign that it’s the right one! Homebuyers: It’s Ok to Overlook These 8 Flaws

3. Does the home fulfill your basic needs?  You likely have decided what it is you want in a house and what it is you need. If needs aren’t met, that is usually a deal breaker. So, if a house meets your needs; has the right amount of bedrooms and bathrooms, the layout you want, the neighborhood you want etc., and it also “feels” right, then it probably is right.  Even if it’s missing some of your “wants”, they can be added later. Home-Buying Checklist: Your Needs and Wants

4. If the first thing you want to do after looking at a house is to text photos of it to your friends and family, chances are you’ve found the one.  When you are excited about something, you want to share it! Whether you’ve been looking for months, or it’s the first house you see…that urge to share is a sign that it’s a true gem.

5. When you decide to stop looking at houses that’s a sure sign that you’ve found your home.  If you think you’ve found the house you want, but you still want to keep looking – “just in case”, then chances are you are settling and haven’t truly found the right home.  But when you can confidently say, “this is it and I don’t want to look at any more houses”, you have found your home sweet home!

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