Staying Home for New Year’s Eve

Staying Home for New Year’s Eve – Just Do It!

Staying Home for New Year’s Eve

Sometimes we try so hard to achieve holiday perfection that by the time New Year’s Eve rolls around we are exhausted.  But then there is the added pressure of finding something fun to do for New Year’s Eve.  It’s the last night of the year and we feel we must celebrate in some big, memorable way.  Because of that we might make plans to go out with friends to restaurants, bars, or hotels that are hosting expensive, fancy parties.  Or we might not be able to say no to an invitation to attend a fun house party given by friends.  But guess what?  Going out on New Year’s Eve is highly overrated.  And we CAN say NO to those invitations.  Does a stress free, relaxing night at home sound good to you? Here are some good reasons for staying home for New Year’s Eve:

  • You avoid the anxiety that comes with trying to plan the “perfect” night. We tend to attach grand expectations to New Year’s Eve. And we have a vision of what it’s supposed to be like – perfect sparkly outfit, a cool venue, lots of drinks…you know the drill. But honestly, the reality rarely matches up with the picture we have created in our head.  And often we end up slightly disappointed that we went to all the trouble and expense. The Psychology Behind New Year’s Eve Anxiety
  • You will stay safe and cozy. Chances are that it’s going to be cold on New Year’s Eve. Possibly even snowy and icy.  You can be out and about shivering in your fancy clothes, driving at a time when there might be other people driving under the influence, OR, you can be home in front of a roaring fire in your most comfy pajamas.  No worrying about drunk drivers when you are not on the roads.  Also, you can enjoy an adult beverage or two without having to drive anywhere yourself.
  • You will save money. So much money.  The outfit. The dinner out. The pricey party package.  The babysitter.  Sure, you will be home with your kids, and maybe that’s not how you envisioned spending New Year’s Eve, but if they are little you can put them to bed early and if they are older you can plan fun things to do together as a family.
  • You can eat and drink whatever you want, for a lot less money than you would spend going out. Don’t feel like cooking and doing dishes?  You don’t have to! New Year’s Eve is a perfect night to indulge in Easy Party Foods.  You might even have some leftover from Christmas.
  • You can choose whatever activities you want…or none at all. Whatever suits you and your mood. Have you ever made big plans and then the day comes and you just don’t feel it anymore?  You don’t have to worry about that happening if you spend New Year’s Eve at home.  It can be a family game night or you can cuddle up with your partner (or your kids, or your dog) and watch a movie.  Heck…you can take a long, luxurious bath if you want.  It’s totally up to you!

Some people really enjoy going out for New Year’s Eve and that’s great.  But if you want a relaxing, stress free night, try celebrating at home this year. Either way, have a safe and happy new year!

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