Tips for Winterizing Your House

Winter is coming, like it or not! And per the 2023 Farmer’s Almanac that hit store shelves on August 15, 2022, it’s going to “be filled with plenty of shaking, shivering, and shoveling”. In other words, this winter just might be a doozy! And if that’s the case, you definitely want to be prepared. So, while you’re pulling out your winter coats, scarves, and gloves, start thinking about how to keep your house in the best possible condition during the winter months.

Prepare your property for the coming cold weather by following these winterizing tips:


The LAST thing you want to deal with this winter is frozen pipes! A burst pipe can cause considerable damage to your home. One way to prevent that from happening is to pay attention to the temperature outdoors. Once it drops below 32 degrees F, run water through your faucets at a slow drip. Even a small trickle will keep the water moving in the pipes and relieve pressure occurring due to ice inside them. Another thing you can do to help is to keep the cabinet doors under your sinks open so that warm air can circulate around the pipes and keep them warm. Finally, don’t forget your outdoor faucets. You can protect them by using outdoor faucet covers that will help prevent freezing.


If your attic isn’t already insulated, now is a good time to have it done. As we all learned in science class, warm air rises…and if your attic isn’t insulated, that warm air will escape your home instead of circulating through it. You will also experience cold air getting IN to your house from the attic.  It’s a gigantic waste of energy to let the warm air leak out of the house, so in the long run, getting your attic insulated will be a great investment. In addition, if you ever sell your home, buyers will like that it is already done. Attic Insulation in Virginia


All those little gaps in your home’s windows and doors may not seem like a big deal until you feel that bitter, cold air coming in through them. And if cold air is coming, warm air is going out. If you don’t make sure all your windows and doors are sealed properly, you are literally allowing your paid energy to fly right out the window (or door). And who wants that? An easy fix is available with weather-proof sealing that will fill in all the gaps.


Be sure to check your furnace’s air filters for dust and debris. Disposable filters need to be replaced at least every 90 days, but more often if you have allergies or pets. Permanent filters should be cleaned regularly. Make sure you turn off your unit before removing it. Once you have them out, lay them on the floor face up and use your vacuum cleaner to get the built-up dirt. If they need a more thorough cleaning, place them in the sink and run warm water over them. Let it air dry. Having clean filters will allow your furnace to do a better job of keeping your home warm and cozy this winter.


Installing a programmable thermostat is an affordable way to save a lot of money over time. If you can, place more than one around the house. With a programmable thermostat you have the ability to control the temperature in each room of your home, meaning you can keep the rooms you spend the most time in nice and warm, while maintaining lower temperatures in the rooms where you spend little time. You can also program it to keep the temperature lower when nobody is home, but have it start to warm up before you get home after work.


By far the easiest way to help keep your home warm this winter is to simply change the direction of your ceiling fans. Locate the directional switch on your fans and set them so that fans turn counterclockwise. Spinning this way will create an updraft, which will circulate warm air throughout the room.

Performing these tasks will not only keep your home warmer and safer during the coldest season, but they will likely save you money as well. So, don’t wait! Start your preparations now and be ready for when Jack Frost comes nipping at your nose!

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